Title:Analysis of Learning, Experiences of Art, and Ideas for Connections
Authors:Trudy Lane
Publication:MW2001: Museums and the Web 2001

In following a thread of projects, this talk investigates the Walker Art Center's work with environments of creation, play, surprise and discovery. From early work in creating online activities for ArtsConnectEd ( , to the creation of several interactive pieces based on a playful Artwork of the Month pamphlet series ( , to a more recent exploration of the online medium's ability to convey artistic concepts in the series SonicFlux ( , there is a progressive interest in creating personal experiences for visitors that serve to initiate their own process of inquiry and understanding. In an analysis of these and other projects through the lens of Experiential Learning Theory, various approaches to both the experience and the learning environment are demonstrated. Included in this analysis and important to the work created at the Walker Art Center, is the online work of various artists. As solutions are sought to the various problems of presenting conceptual relationships online, how does it effect things to have artists running around nearby, working in the same medium that you are, making archives with attitude, para-site systems that question and track visitors, conceptual portals that direct you places you didn't expect, and asking your opinion of such statements as "the curator as conceptual artist, the exhibition as performance, the museum as web design, the web as readymade." Through the lens of the ideas of experiential learning, we can see connections and interplay between art, interface and the creation of learning environments.