Title:Constructing a Virtual Museum of Machine Mechanism Models Imported from Germany During Japanese Westernization for Higher Education
Authors:Hiromitsu Kumamoto, Osamu Nishihara, Sohei Shiroshita
Publication:MW2001: Museums and the Web 2001

Kyoto University preserves a total of 60 century-old machine mechanism models that were used as teaching materials at the Department of Mechanical Engineering during the Japanese westernization. At least 21 of the 60 models were imported from Germany. Maker label stickers show two German makers: nineteen (19) models made by a company called Gustav Voigt and two (2) models by Peter Koch. Students in the days of Japanese industrialization must have been impressed by these sophisticated mechanism models, contrary to a recent Japanese trend that fewer and fewer young people have interests in technology. The 60 models cover a typical set of mechanisms and are still useful today. These include Bevel Gear, Slider Crank, Slotted Crank, Multiple Trammel Gear, Eve's Pump, Fabry's Ventilator, etc. Some models still function but others are out-of-order due to worn-out and/or missing parts. This paper reports on the regeneration of the motions of these mechanism using 3D computer graphic animations created by a mechanical system simulation software called ADAMS, mounts relevant GIF animation files on the Kyoto University Museum web site, thus assisting Japanese children to develop interests in technology through access to a museum of virtual animations.