Title:Informing or Performing: A Dilemma in Applying High Technologies to a Museum Web Site
Authors:Tatyana Bogomazova, Vladimir Bronnikov
Publication:MW2001: Museums and the Web 2001

The paper explores the ways of applying new technologies to a museum web site through analyzing visual relationship of museums and their visitors, levels of perception of visual information relating to cultural heritage, and functional issues (documentation and diffusion features). As an example authors describe the project "The Amber Room on the Web", providing access of wide public to information about the process of reconstruction of the monument. The project is seen as important integral part of the museum's digital policy, allowing it to serve as an information gateway to tell and illustrate the entire process of reconstruction of the Amber Room from the beginning to the end. It reveals specific goals of the projects, history and conception issues, planning and creating the content, web development, technologies applies, navigation, usability, design issues and basic evaluating parameters.