Title:Requirements and Architecture for Administration and Maintenance of Digital Object Libraries
Authors:Manfred Bogen, Marion Borowski, Stephan Heisterkamp, Dieter Strecker
Publication:MW2001: Museums and the Web 2001

With the digitization of original documents cultural heritage institutions such as museums and archives are enabled to make their valuable collections accessible and thus better enjoyable by the public. Digitizing, however, is only a first step. Many libraries, archives, or other cultural heritage institutions already have a well functioning Library Information System (LIS) for the metadata management of their conventional objects. These systems work satisfactory as far as standard museum functions are concerned, such as cataloging, indexing, acquisition, or the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog). What is however needed now are the administration and maintenance of the digital objects themselves. In this aspect, traditional Library Information Systems have limitations and shortcomings. In our paper we present a global requirement list for a Digital Library System and we develop a generic architecture. We put special emphasis on an integrated solution, which addresses all aspects of a publication chain, from digitization, over indexing, administration, Web presentation, printing, to electronic commerce. We describe state-of-the-art Digital Library Systems with their benefits, disadvantages, limitations, and possible fields of application. On this information basis we describe our approach to find an integrated Digital Library Solution.