Title:Methodology for Cultural Web Design (CDM)
Authors:Donald Goodes
Publication:MW2001: Museums and the Web 2001

Are you one of "those" who takes great pleasure in dissecting processes--that multitude of steps used to get a Web project on line? Donald Goodes shares your fascination, and is interested in having you participate in the collective consideration of a methodology he is developing specifically for the design of cultural Web sites.

Goodes' Cultural Design Methodology (CDM) was initially inspired by more technically-oriented methodologies, such as Relationship Management Methodology (RMM), used in the development of hypermedia applications. From these, CDM borrowed objectives concerning the optimization of process and the definition of a series of well-delineated steps. But CDM adds a parallel goal: the maximization of creative and conceptual input at all stages of development.

Goodes will explain the present iteration of CDM, and, in hopes of evolving it further, will open up an exchange inviting participants to share ideas and experiences concerning methodology.

Questions that may arise include: When does navigation design end and page design begin? How and when do user relations enter into the design process? What are the benchmarks signaling the completion of a processes? How does one translate the values of the cultural world into methodology? How do parallel processes communicate?