Title:Content and Technology Working Together to Create Educational Web Sites: A Project Manager’s Case Study in Producing Teacher Workshops Online
Authors:Christine Vitto
Publication:MW2002: Museums and the Web 2002

In any website, IT project, and/or multimedia project, the project manager’s role is crucial. This person keeps the project on track, sets goals and objectives, schedules and records meetings, and interfaces with people inside and outside the organization to keep progress on the project flowing in a positive direction. Clear, regular communication is key to success. Good working relationships between staff in our Education and Technology Divisions, and talented, supportive managers have ensured that our projects are successful.

This presentation uses Teacher Workshops Online as a model to show how content and technology work together to produce an educational website for a museum, using pedagogical standards, museum standards, project management, and technology. Teacher Workshops Online is a project that involves Education and Technology staff cooperating to create pedagogical lessons and practical classroom examples, using the Museum's educational resources, for teaching the Holocaust for middle and high school educators.