Title:The Changing Role of the Museum Webmaster: Past, Present, and Future
Authors:Paul Marty
Publication:MW2004: Museums and the Web 2004

This paper uses results from a study of information professionals currently working in museums to determine the changing role of the museum Webmaster. It explores the past, present, and future of the museum Webmaster, and examines how the responsibilities have changed since 1997. It presents an analysis of how present-day museum Webmasters view their jobs, and argues that the museum Webmaster of the future should assume the role of the user's advocate in order to ensure that the needs of the users of on-line museums continue to be met. The skills and abilities of the museum Webmaster have evolved from a more technology-oriented to a more user-centered perspective; future Webmasters should acquire the necessary expertise to determine the needs of the museum's users and then create museum Web sites that best meet those needs.