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Title:Of Ansel and Atomz: Surfacing Deep Content On-Line and On-Site at SFMOMA
Authors:Peter Samis, Dana Mitroff, Tana Johnson
Publication:MW2005: Museums and the Web 2005

At the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), where we have been creating and publishing rich digital content for more than ten years, the urgent question has become how we can guide our audiences to the information of greatest interest to them, whether they are accessing our Web site remotely or using our multimedia programs at the Museum. We are also asking ourselves what, if any, should be the difference between those two experiences. This paper describes two new initiatives: the preparation for and implementation of a hosted site-wide search solution at; and the new Koret Visitor Education Center Discovery Interface, which reorganizes the contents of thirteen different multimedia programs and presents them through three point-and-click visual interfaces.