Title:Access to Heritage Resources Using What, Where, When, and Who
Authors:Ray Larson, Michael Buckland, Frederick Gey
Publication:MW2007: Museums and the Web 2007

Learning, if it is to be more than memorizing, requires an understanding of context. A networked environment greatly increases the range and variety of accessible resources. A series of studies concerned with making better use of existing descriptive metadata are summarized: Mapping between different topical vocabularies; the use and improvement of place name gazetteers; named time period directories for better chronological search; and temporally-dynamic map displays; and structured mark-up for biographical texts. Embedding live queries within links and the use of intelligibly structured URLs provide substantial but inexpensive enhancements to search support. A series of modest improvements in standards and best practices will, individually and cumulatively, improve our collective ability to find materials of different kinds related to individual museum objects or for any other purpose.