Title:Who Are You Calling Cheap?
Authors:Peter Gray
Publication:MW2007: Museums and the Web 2007

The power of the Internet and ICT lies partly in the leveling of the playing field for small and large institutions. Yet museums in the south-east of Scotland, mostly small and many dependent on volunteers, were failing to take advantage of this opportunity. In particular, museum staff and volunteers lacked the knowledge required to create their own on-line digital resources; the confidence to build on existing skills in using computers, expanding their abilities into new areas; the awareness of what the technologies can (and can't) achieve, how they work, and how they may fail; and an understanding of the technologies underlying the provision of Web content. In addition, museums, especially smaller, volunteer-reliant museums, were deterred by a perception of excessive cost. In January 2005 we launched the Digital Resource Development Team project with more than twenty partners and