Title:The Reciprocal Research Network
Authors:Lee Iverson, Susan Rowley, Leona Sparrow, Dave Schaepe, Andrea Sanborn, Ryan Wallace, Nicholas Jakobsen, Ulrike Radermacher
Publication:MW2008: Museums and the Web 2008

We introduce the Reciprocal Research Network (RRN). The RRN is an open-source, Web-based, federated museum information system intended to provide First Nations, researchers and museum professionals with interactive access to worldwide collections of Northwest Coast and British Columbia First Nations' cultural heritage. Collaborative tools built within a social networking environment will provide users with the ability to carry out individual and/or collaborative research projects. The overall goal of the RRN is to re-connect objects, people, land, languages, and traditions culturally and historically significant to First Nations community researchers, and to create a collaborative, reciprocal, and inclusive environment in which to explore museum collections of First Nations' cultural heritage.