Title:The Mentora Alsina: A Century of Experimental Physics Teaching in Barcelona
Authors:Joan Munoz, Santiago Vallmitjana, Jaume Valentines, Stefano D'Argenio
Publication:MW2008: Museums and the Web 2008

The Science and Technology Museum from Catalunya (mNACTEC) has developed a virtual exhibition from the documents and objects used for the exhibition "Experimental Physics Laboratory of the Mentor Alsina?. The main objective of the virtual exhibition is complementary to the current exhibition. Provide information, list of objects and operating proposal that could be difficult to develop in an exhibition in which dominates the environmental sense. The virtual exhibition offers information on all objects of the early twentieth century that form the collection of laboratory and interactive elements. It uses as a basis for interactive images of objects themselves, that the exhibition can not touch or return has to operate. Through a convenient menu, have been described one hundred and twenty laboratory apparatus that are grouped into: hydrostatic, electricity, mechanics, optics, acoustics and pressure. We have created twenty-five short interactive understand its operation. The creation of a virtual exhibition allows for a more comprehensive, getting that exposure reaches public could hardly visit.