Title:Online Heritage Presentation in Flanders
Authors:Gert Nulens, Joke Beyl, Bart De Nil
Publication:MW2008: Museums and the Web 2008

Nowadays heritage institutions increasingly have the possibility of using mobile technologies for presenting their heritage to the visitor. But are heritage institutions capable of taking this road? This paper aims at unveiling the needs and views of Flemish heritage experts concerning the two major components of the Heritage 2.0 research project: on the one hand, the creation of a communication layer on top of existing databases, and on the other hand, the presentation of heritage by means of mobile technologies (for example, a PDA). Since mobile heritage presentation is still in its infancy in Flanders, we decided to extend these focus group conversations by means of some in-depth interviews with international experts. We asked them to reflect upon 5 central issues regarding mobile heritage presentation. In this paper we highlight some of the most interesting conclusions.