Title:Organisational Change for the On-line World—Steering the Good Ship Museum Victoria
Authors:Timothy Hart, David Methven
Publication:MW2009: Museums and the Web 2009

Museum Victoria is Australia's largest public museums organisation and, as the State Museum for Victoria, it is responsible for the care of the State's collections, conducting research, and providing public access and community engagement for all Victorians. The Museum has a proud 150 year history of scientific and cultural research and collection development. In a relatively large museum organisation like Museum Victoria, you need to ensure you have a common internal sense of purpose before you can entice the world to your on-line experiences. In order to succeed we realised, after some false starts, that we had to lead an extensive consultation process across many levels of the organisation. Outcomes included structural changes, where we consolidated the on-line team , created an on-line steering committee, and created on-line strategic documents endorsed by the Executive Management Team and the Board. This paper will present the challenges we faced in managing the creation of a common on-line strategy and framework at Museum Victoria. We will share the struggles we faced and the compromises we made to create institutional change in a major museum.