Title:Cultural Technology Showcase
Authors:Miriam Langer, Mimi Roberts, Veronica Black, Devyn Dennison
Publication:MW2010: Museums and the Web 2010

For MW2010 the Program in Cultural Technology from New Mexico Highlands University Media Arts in Las Vegas, New Mexico, in collaboration with the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, will demo two projects showcasing our mission of ?cultivating a homegrown, ethnically diverse, creative talent pool of multimedia specialists capable of working with cultural content and committed to working in their communities?. Lead presenters will be students Devyn Dennison and Veronica Black.The first project demonstrates how we are helping to make a rural community?s dream of a museum come true. Last summer, student Devyn Dennison (Navajo) wanted an internship near her family?s ranch in a remote area of the Navajo Nation. We connected with the Crownpoint History and Cultural Heritage Council (CHCHC). Collaboratively, we came up with an internship for Devyn to develop an exhibit about Navajo rodeo that will be presented as part of Crownpoint?s celebration of their centennial in 2010. We also became aware of Crownpoint?s desire for a museum or heritage center that will help them to preserve their history and culture, including providing online educational resources based on exhibits. Spring semester, our Exhibit Design class will develop a CHCHC website, redesign their electronic newsletter, and create a conceptual plan that will help them to secure a funding and a facility. The demo will feature the exhibit video reformatted for classroom use as a podcast, as well as museum concepts created by the Exhibit Design class.The second project demonstrates how we are helping a high-tech science museum to target new audiences. Last spring, on a class trip to Washington, D.C., the itinerary included a visit to the Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences. This small museum specializes in data-driven interactive displays based on NAS research projects and their role in informing national policies regarding controversial science-related issues. During the museum tour, director Patrice Legro talked about their current effort to rebrand and update their web presence. The students were eager to jump in, leading to a project for the fall Advanced Design class. The class divided up into competing teams to develop design comps. Dr. Legro picked the winners, who traveled to D.C. to shoot a virtual tour for the website. Though under no obligation, the museum is actually using the student design. The demo will feature the website redesign and virtual tour.