Title:Immersive Experiences for Museums
Authors:Philip Galanter, Carol LaFayette, Fred Parke
Publication:MW2010: Museums and the Web 2010

Artists and scientists from the Visualization Laboratory at Texas A&M have developed two projects for immersive systems. The exhibit Atta, 2008, maps tunnels and chambers of a vast leafcutting ant colony. The exhibit "I'm Not There," 2009, explores animal sensing by simulating a stroll through a natural landscape, seeing in ultraviolet frequencies, and hearing in ultrasonic and infrasonic ranges.

They demonstrate the impact of visual and kinesthetic experiences of scientific content for persons of any age and are not limited to the physically mobile. A Wii controller provides locomotion through environments rich in visual detail. Mapped to the space within the environment, surround sound augments the sense of immersion. The entire immersive experience, from affordable system design to visually compelling content and ease of use, has been tested at two international conferences in front of large audiences, with excellent results.