Title:Practical Ontology: Collaborating and Communicating with Concept Maps
Authors:Seema Rao, Patty Edmonson, Brad Baer, Ashley Weinard
Publication:MW2015: Museums and the Web 2015

Concept mapping is a technique rooted in the constructivist theory that learning is an active process that happens through the interaction of experience and new ideas. In the how-to session associated with this paper, attendees learn how to create concept maps as a tool for effective communication in museums both internally and with visitors. Presenters share three examples of how they used concept mapping in the development of digital projects, collaboratively create a concept map to demonstrate process and benefit, and lead a concept mapping session.

Objectives of the session include that participants learn how to create and facilitate a collective concept-mapping experience. Participants reflect collectively on the value and application of concept mapping as a way to see a familiar idea “sideways,” from new perspectives and depths; visualize thinking; identify common ground across collaborators; and collect, organize, and share ideas. Participants also brainstorm and explore possible internal/external applications.