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Title:The X, Y, and Z of Digital Storytelling: Dramaturgy, Directionality, and Design
Authors:Peter Samis, Tim Svenonius
Publication:MW2015: Museums and the Web 2015

With digital storytelling more than twenty years old, the options for storytelling sometimes seem unduly constrained: either endlessly scrolling vertical columns or YouTube videos. How can we combine the X-axis of quick, all-in-one landscape consumption with the Y-axis of more granular detail to form a Z-axis of connection with the user?

The authors examine examples of narrative presentations available today in digital and analog media and probe how they use the X- and Y-axes to enable surfing and diving, snacking, and in-depth experience. They examine the virtues and limitations of current ways of communicating and ask what opportunities might remain untapped: fresh ways of matching form to content suited to today's time-starved Web-surfing conditions.