Title:Beyond Browsing and Searching: Design and Development of a Platform for Supporting Curatorial Research and Content Creation
Authors:Leonardo M. De Araújo, Michael Lund, Tossawat Mokdara, Heidi Schelhowe
Publication:MW2015: Museums and the Web 2015

Many cultural institutions (CIs) have redefined their role in society in order to become meaningful for their communities. Particularly in museums, conversations around artifacts hold the potential to enhance interpretation and provoke the production of meaningful insights. However, there are challenges when institutions grant visitors permission to contribute. One of the main problems concerns the lack of strategies to profit from visitors’ insights. Museum kiosks are usually for browsing and searching, and popular social-media websites do not offer ways to store, analyze, and build upon the content produced on those environments.

This paper presents the conceptual and technical designs of an experimental platform aimed at assisting interpretation and generating content. The platform, currently in the prototype phase, will serve both institutions and affiliated communities by attempting to improve the quality of outcomes in the context of CIs’ knowledge assets. The platform is based on two strategies: easy creation of structured data, and recommendations. Structured data can be used in combination with machine-learning algorithms in order to offer meaningful recommendations. In addition, curatorial research can also be assisted since the application provides an easy-to-use interface for organizing content through Knowledge Maps, which are used for feeding the recommendation system with content from other museum professionals and visitors' insights.