Title:Digital strategy in evolution: Issues and responses emerging from the project to develop a digital transformation strategy for Museum Victoria
Authors:Wendy Pryor
Publication:MW2016: Museums and the Web 2016

Museum Victoria (MV) in Melbourne, Australia, has strongly progressed along the digital path. Even so, we decided to create a digital transformation strategy to confirm and elaborate on our commitment to digital transformation as expressed in our overarching strategic plan.

A broad survey of the digital terrain in museums and beyond was undertaken before and during the project to create the "Digital Transformation Strategy 2015–2020" (DTS). During the intensive period of strategy development, the focus inevitably narrowed as we developed our own individual digital transformation strategy using a defined project management approach.

As the project neared completion, the focus expanded again as the implications of our ambition became clearer: the impacts and issues that would need to be addressed in order to deliver the comprehensive roadmap of projects while simultaneously remaining open to new digital possibilities, opportunities, and demands. The solution was to create a balance between digital aspirations and development principles (how we will do digital) and the categories and roadmap of projects (what we will do).

The paper thus comprises two parts:
1. Project process to develop the DTS, and the resulting DTS
2. Issues emerging from the DTS and MV responses:
a. Strategy versus digital strategy: Which to develop?
b. Change versus transformation versus disruption: What is the goal?
c. Stability versus agility: What is the role for ICT?
d. Sourcing technical development capability: Buy, build, or borrow?
e. Cloud as a service delivery model: What is its role?
f. Choosing a project delivery method: Agile or waterfall?

Writing a strategy is intensive, demanding, and challenging. If they are truly fit-for-purpose, no two strategies will be alike. However, sharing process, outcomes, issues, and responses has value beyond Museum Victoria. In the end, there are no hard and fast answers beyond understanding your stakeholders, your museum, and your goals—and working to deliver them.