Title:The de Young Museum App by Guidekick as a model for collaborative development, technological innovation, and visitor behavior insight
Authors:Tricia Robson, Gary Castro, Mark Paddon, Alexa Beaman
Publication:MW2016: Museums and the Web 2016

Launched in October 2015, the de Young Museum App by Guidekick serves as a personal tour guide for museumgoers, using advanced indoor positioning to map a visitor’s location and in turn providing art historically rich content, images, and audio about key, user-selected works in the museum’s collection. Marrying the museum’s three-pronged focus on content, engagement, and technology, the app combines carefully curated content in a technically innovative manner. The result is a captivating, user-centric platform that allows for continued insight into the on-site museum visitor experience. The de Young Museum App presents an important technical case study for museums in its (1) utilization of new technologies and direct partnership with tech companies; (2) development of an engaging three-dimensional visualization of architectural space; and (3) use of accurate indoor navigation to obtain insight into visitor behavior. Such technical collaboration and data analysis serve as a launching pad for further innovation and user engagement.