Title:Accurator: Enriching collections with expert knowledge from the crowd
Authors:Lizzy Jongma, Chris Dijkshoorn
Publication:MW2016: Museums and the Web 2016

Crowdsourcing is not a new phenomenon for museums. There are good examples for museums (e.g., Powerhouse museum, But not all crowdsourcing initiatives are successful. Crowdsourced tagging does not always contribute to a better understanding of art and can even be confusing.

The Rijksmuseum, Free University Amsterdam, Center for Mathematics and Informatics, and Technical University of Delft developed the Accurator: a visual tool to get experts in domains like birds, ships, castles, etc. involved in annotating art and enrich the museums' metadata with expertise that is not available internally.

In this how-to session, we will demonstrate the tool and the ways other museums can implement this Open Web application for their own collections.