Title:Winning (and losing) hearts and minds of museum staff: Administrative interfaces at Cooper Hewitt
Authors:Sam Brenner, Lisa Adang
Publication:MW2016: Museums and the Web 2016

As museums continue to produce interactive digital experiences, a large amount of attention is paid to the front end—the part of the experience that is seen by visitors. However, as the scope and complexity of these bespoke experiences grow, so does the need for administrative tools that facilitate their control, monitoring, and content production. The design of these interfaces presents its own set of challenges. This paper will survey multiple administrative interfaces produced at Cooper Hewitt and analyze their design, development, and use. It will assess the role of such interfaces in the larger context of the institution’s transformation to place digital technologies at the core of the museum. Ultimately, it is the aim of this paper to share observations on the development of administrative interfaces at Cooper Hewitt in order to emphasize their growing importance in museums and present strategies towards handling their production.