Title:The digital museum: On studying new trajectories for the music museum
Authors:Alcina Cortez
Publication:MW2016: Museums and the Web 2016

This paper sets out to discuss the opportunities opened up for sound and music exhibition projects specifically designed for displaying works of sound art within the scope of digital museums. Taking as our case study the "Sound Diary" exhibition, curated by John Barber, which has been on display in the Web museum "unplace, a museum without a place" in 2015, I provide delegates with the results of an exploratory study I carried out with volunteers for this exhibition. My main aim, of interest to both researchers in the social sciences and professionals in museum and music studies, involves investigating how museumgoers engaged with both the sonorous experience and the self-curatorial process. Ultimately, I intend my work to contribute to developing the burgeoning field of online music/sound museums.