Title:Creating the smart museum: the intersection of digital strategy, kiosks and mobile
Authors:Jonathan Lee, Mark Paddon
Publication:MW17: Museums and the Web 2017

The last two years has seen a growing number of experiments in contextually aware digital experiences in museums. However, most are stand-alone experiences (mobile, Web, signage) isolated from other digital projects and the core visitor experience.

In 2016 The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco partnered with Guidekick to embark on an ambitious digital strategy to create an interconnected suite of visitor services across mobile, touch displays, digital signage, and the Web. This paper starts with a comprehensive look at the Asian Art Museum's digital strategy process, then presents a case study for the digital wayfinding experience from inception through initial public rollout. The findings are discussed to show the success of each platform independently as well as consider how usage is compounded when a visitor session is passed between platforms (for example, delivering wayfinding directions from a touch kiosk to a location-aware native mobile app). We’ll also explore the museum's perspective on overcoming organizational challenges along the way.