Title:DIY Zooniverse citizen science project: engaging the public with your museum’s collections and Data
Authors:Laura Trouille, Chris Lintott, Grant Miller, Helen Spiers
Publication:MW17: Museums and the Web 2017

Museums are increasingly using citizen science as a tool to engage their visitors, create metadata for digitized materials in their collections, and assist in their research efforts. Zooniverse, the leading online citizen science platform with 1.5 million registered users and over 45 active projects, recently released its DIY Project Builder which enables anyone to create their own Zooniverse project for free. Through the user-friendly, browser-based interface, project builders select among marking, annotation, and transcription tools, upload their content and data, and export the classification results. In this session, we will present the Project Builder and how museum staff and researchers are using it to engage their visitors and volunteers around the world in their research and collections.