Title:#TeensCan: Let teens be your social media voice
Authors:Katy Noelle Scott
Publication:MW17: Museums and the Web 2017

Learn how the Monterey Bay Aquarium became the first organization of its size to develop “by teens, for teens” social media accounts. With a focus on co-creation, the Aquarium’s education and marketing departments partnered with teens to build a social media program. Teens developed their own brand, chose social media platforms, and created their own filters for posts. They’ve worked since June to build and maintain an optimistic, conservation-focused teen voice. As new teens enter the program, experienced students help train their peers. Follow their progress on Instagram @MontereyBayAqTeens, Facebook @MontereyBayAqTeens, and Snapchat @MontereyAqTeens.

Come hear from educators, teens and our evaluator about how our experience can be translated to your museum. Let teens be your social media voice!