Title:Who reviewed this?! A survey on museum Web publishing in 2018
Authors:Susan Wigodner, Caitlin Kearney
Publication:MW18: Museums and the Web 2018

In publishing content for the Web, museums rely on a range of staff, tools, and processes—some clearly defined, others less so. Developing a workflow and editorial review process can help organizations stay on-brand, consistent, and credible, yet many (including the writers’ home institution) are still working to develop publishing models that consistently produce high-quality content appropriate to their online audiences.

This paper explores the results of a survey conducted in late 2017/early 2018 on how teams in museums and other cultural organizations edit, format, publish, and manage content for their organization’s websites. As this was a small, non-representative survey of 32 institutions, it shouldn’t be considered definitive research on Web publishing in museums. However, the results begin to highlight differences among processes at large and small museums, as well as some potential trends in how museums organize their workflows. The responses also point to opportunities for institutions to exchange knowledge in specific areas, like sharing code or CMS resources and implementing accessibility standards. Though different museums have varying needs, this paper takes a first look at how some are currently approaching content workflows and structures.