Title:WikiWelcome: Students creating history and sharing knowledge about their neighborhood in present, past and future
Authors:Sofia Dahlquist
Publication:MW18: Museums and the Web 2018

WikiWelcome: students creating history and sharing knowledge about their neigborhood in present, past, and future.
WikiWelcome is about connecting the physical environment with digital development; students in K-12 are participating in making history and creating digital content on different Web platforms. The main Web platforms that are involved are the free encyclopedia edited by children, "Wikimini," and "," together with the website, run by the Swedish National Heritage Board for crowd-sourcing the collective memory in Sweden.

The session will explain and provide examples to demonstrate the WikiWelcome project in Sweden. It will examine some of the project’s discoveries and their final outcomes. The examples presented are based on a Swedish model, but the method is transferable to various learning environments. The session will inspire museums, archives, and educators worldwide to generate their own local WikiWelcome projects, creating an educational program to promote a platform where free knowledge can easily be shared.