Title:The portARble museum: Developing augmented reality for the Web using AR.js
Authors:Fred Leighton
Publication:MW18: Museums and the Web 2018

Using AR.js, a JavaScript library for the development of Augmented Reality (AR) content for mobile Web browsers on smart phones with Android or Apple iOS 11 operating systems, AR Web projects inspired by Duchamp’s Portable Museum can be realized today with a set of simple and straightforward development tools. In this session, a demonstration of content developed with AR.js will be shown along with a step-by-step process for creating your own mobile AR Web pages with content triggered by visual markers. Participants will be able to work with examples during the session and should have HTML and CSS development experience. A laptop computer with Web connectivity and HTML editing software, along with a built-in camera, is needed A smart phone is not necessary, but will add to the understanding of the subject. Smart phones must have either recent Android or Apple iOS 11 operating systems. Attendees can also watch and learn without coding. Resources provided will allow for following up on the session content later on.