Title:Digital tools and how we use them: The destruction and reconstruction of tangible cultural heritage in Syria
Authors:Jana Fredricks
Publication:MW18: Museums and the Web 2018

The increasing use of digital technologies necessitates a reevaluation of professional norms in the cultural heritage sector. Digital technologies provide enticing opportunities to increase accessibility, maximize public standing, decrease costs, and preserve heritage in new, more affordable ways. Digital technologies also present precarious ethical challenges, defy existing definitions and professional values, and risk further commodification of cultural heritage. This paper provides an overview of the digital technologies impacting at-risk cultural heritage sites in Syria, and examines how they are used in the destruction, preservation, and reconstruction of those sites. By investigating current communication structures, surveying the use of geospatial imagery and geospatial data, and assessing technologically-assisted reconstruction efforts, we begin to understand how technology is impacting the destruction and reconstruction of tangible cultural heritage sites in Syria.