Title:Museum Collections on Wikipedia: Opening Up to Open Data Initiatives
Authors:Elena Villaespesa, Trilce Navarrete
Publication:MW2019: MuseWeb 2019

The Web has become an important source of information, made possible by structured data. Open linked data enables ubiquitous presence as machines increasingly filter our views—via preferred search engines, the knowledge graph, or Siri—particularly of content found in Wikidata. In this paper, we identify paintings in Wikidata and analyze their usage in the English Wikipedia to find substantial impact. Our results provide evidence that publication of collections as open data facilitate an increase in views, enriched data, automatic translation, and magnified visibility. We find that the usage of paintings and views present a long-tail structure with an underrepresentation of contemporary paintings. Collaborations between museums and Wikimedia yield increased impact, yet projects are unsustainable. We propose an adjusted work-flow to accommodate for Wikimedia projects and amplify the impact of opening museum collections data.