Title:Bundle of joy: Optimizing the purchase experience for add-ons and upsells
Authors:Amelia Northrup-Simpson, Amanda Abernathy, Amie Wong,
Publication:MW2020: MuseWeb 2020

Upselling, cross-selling, add-ons, bundling... Whatever you call it, it means more engagement for your patrons- and more money for your institution. But how do you design a purchase path that offers the right mix of experiences to visitors? In this paper, two organizations which have recently refreshed their purchase path in order to optimize user experience and offer relevant experiences that deepen engagement delve into the challenges of uniting all experiences in one place: segmentation and dynamic content, user flow, tracking and analytics, and the strategy behind the ideal purchase experience.

 Learning objectives:

- compare methods of segmenting users on a purchase path

- discuss how to track user flow through the purchase experience

- describe an ideal purchase experience from the point of view of the visitor and the institution