Title:Addressing social media choices of top European museums: framework, realities, and trends
Authors:Georgios Papaioannou, Eleni Sfyridou
Publication:MW2020: MuseWeb 2020

This paper addresses the social media presence and networking of the "top" museums in twenty-seven European countries (as per TripAdvisor) for 2019. It is part of a research that is based upon the list of the top museums in those countries as compiled by the TripAdvisor travel website company as part of the "Annual Travelers Choice Awards" for 2018. We have used content analysis to study and evaluate the museums' online presence on their chosen social media. In this paper, we offer the overall research framework on social media, museums, marketing, and policies, and we comment on social media platform choices, likes, friends, followers, and subscribers. Our more extensive research project aims to discuss museums' visibility on social media, to investigate social media in museum communication policies and strategies, and to explore the relationship between social media as means of attracting more visitors to the museums' physical space. This research is presented here for the first time.