Title:Redesigning with Structured Content
Authors:Annelisa Stephan, Amelia Wong,
Publication:MW2020: MuseWeb 2020

In 2018 the J. Paul Getty Trust embarked on a multi-year project to overhaul its vast and decentralized website with the aim to improve user experience (UX), reach a broader and more diverse global public, and more effectively present Getty as an organization. The project went beyond a visual redesign to address information architecture, UX strategy, a technical rebuild, and a content management system (CMS) replatform, as well as the creation of a new governance structure. Phase 1 of this work, in 2019, resulted in 12 "front-door" pages that established a new design direction and the outline of a new information architecture. One central goal of the work was to move from content "blobs" to structured content, separating data from presentation for sustainability and governance. Our demonstration and paper, authored by the content strategy leads, provides insights into our approach — still in its early stages at this writing — and the opportunities and challenges of approaching content as data.