Title:Designing CLIO, An Open-Source Toolkit for Museum Pop-Up Digital Interactives
Authors:Dillon Connelly, Joshua Frechette
Publication:MW2020: MuseWeb 2020

With the increasing prevalence of open-source technologies, museums have been provided with a plethora of low-cost tools to enhance exhibitions and educational programming at their institutions.   While there are toolkits developed to tackle the digital interactive needs of museums, they often require a programming background to fully implement. CLIO, named after the Greek muse of history, is an open-source digital interactive toolkit that aims to lower the knowledge ceiling required to implement interactive exhibits by creating a series of activity templates that can be customized by anyone able to edit a website.  Our demonstration will briefly introduce the goals of the CLIO project and discuss challenges in executing CLIO for the first time and possible future implementations of the technology, with a more detailed description of the project in the accompanying paper.