Title:Art of Escape, Magic, and immersive storytelling: The Museum as a Limitless Escape Game
Authors:Magus Cagliostro
Publication:MW2020: MuseWeb 2020

In the past years the concept of Immersive Storytelling has taken root in art and play, entering fields such as theatres, documentaries, games and education. The idea is to break the barriers between spectator and media and to create a "real life" experience – for amusement or instruction.

Magus Cagliostro has been using principles of Immersive Storytelling and "real life" experience in a different way:
It all began with a search for creative ways to bring new audiences to museums and to control audience flow. The idea was to use principles of Immersive Storytelling to create a fascinating story that is based on the museum's contents, but which takes place entirely within the players minds. Since the summer of 2017, six exciting projects were created by Cagliostro in collaboration with museums in Israel and Europe.
The stories are based on a specific scene and its contents – whether it is Art, history or science. By doing this, the plot merges with the scene and the players become closely involved with it as they follow the game. Virtual reality is achieved by purely analogue means, relying on the audience’s own power of imagination.
Now, Magus Cagliostro, escape artist and magician, invites you to learn more about how escape art, magic performance, and storytelling can be applied to the sphere of museum curating.
Come and see how the basic museum visit can be turned into an entirely new experience, full of surprises, mystery and magic.
In this limitless escape game, there is always more than meets the eye, and there is no one better to reveal that than a true magician.