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van Erp, Marieke, Johan Oomen, Roxane Segers, chiel van den akker, Lora Aroyo, Geertje Jacobs, Susan Legêne, Lourens van der Meij, Jacco van Ossenbruggen and Guus Schreiber. "Automatic Heritage Metadata Enrichment with Historic Events." MW2011: Museums and the Web 2011. Published March 26, 2011.


Amin, Alia, Victor Boer, Lynda Hardman, Guus Schreiber, Mark Assem, Michiel Hildebrand, Marco Niet, Borys Omelayenko, Jacco Ossenbruggen, Jos Taekema, Jan Wielemaker, Bob Wielinga, Anna Tordai, Marie-France Orsouw and Teesing. "Searching and Annotating Virtual Heritage Collections with Semantic-Web Techniques." MW2007: Museums and the Web 2007. Published May 2, 2007.

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