#NetNeutrality at AAM2014: the museum technology community strategizes our response to the proposed FCC rules

At the MW “Ask the Expert” pavilion at AAM2014, a passionate group of museum technology leaders gathered to discuss our common response to the FCC’s proposed rules to allow discrimination by Internet Service Providers among the content they deliver – creating “fast lanes” for those online content publishers who can pay, and a “dirt road” for everyone else – including museums.

We have four months – the FCC’s public comment period – to make ourselves heard. Here are the ideas for next steps that were discussed:

  • We need to craft a message that individuals can easily send to the FCC, their representatives, etc. and a letter that museum directors and organizations can use to add their voices to a common cause. Leverage existing movements and petitions as well, and provide succinct background info to enable participants to get up to speed on the issue.
  • Can museums coordinate a day of action in which their websites go dark or otherwise emulate the impact of the proposed rules on the quality of public access to cultural content online?
  • MW and other websites can be encouraged to add info and links to actions people can take in support of the protest.

How can you help? What are your ideas? Let us know here!

Reblog: FCC Commissioners Raise Serious Doubts about Chairman’s Pay-for-Priority Internet Plan

Public scrutiny and pressure are paying off! Both FCC commissioners Clyburn and Rosenworcel made statements today questioning the new rules proposed by Chair Tom Wheeler:

  • Rosenworcel: http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2014/db0507/DOC-326963A1.pdf
  • Clyburn: http://www.fcc.gov/blog/preserving-ever-free-and-open-internet

Below is Freepress.net’s statement today May 7, 2014 in response.

If you can get to the National Mall, please join the occupation at the FCC through May 15, and follow the movement on Twitter:  

As Evan Greer from Fight For The Future said to the Guardian today, “…it affects everyone’s life and people are not going to just stand by and let this happen.”

Net Neutrality
Photo of the “firewall” at the FCC from @ JohnZangas https://twitter.com/johnzangas/status/464107778831687680 7 May 2014


WASHINGTON — In a series of statements on Wednesday, two Democratic FCC commissioners expressed serious doubts about proceeding with Chairman Tom Wheeler’s new “open Internet” rules.

In a statement at a meeting of the Chief Officers of State Libraries, Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel called on Chairman Wheeler and her fellow commissioners to “delay our consideration of his rules by a least a month. I believe that rushing headlong into a rulemaking next week fails to respect the public response to his proposal.”

In a blog post at the FCC website, Commissioner Mignon Clyburn wrote that “tens of thousands of consumers, companies, entrepreneurs, investors, schools, educators, healthcare providers and others have reached out to ask me to keep the Internet free and open.”

Clyburn also listed her preference for prohibiting pay-for-priority arrangements and re-asserting the agency’s authority to protect an open Internet.

In addition on Wednesday, nearly 150 Internet companies sent a letter to the FCC’s five commissioners urging them to create rules that protect internet users against blocking, discrimination and paid prioritization.

OccupyFree Press CEO and President Craig Aaron made the following statement:

“The cracks are beginning to show in Chairman Wheeler’s plan that would undermine Net Neutrality. The more people learn about this proposal,  the more skeptical they become. That list of skeptics now includes two Democratic commissioners who have taken the unusual step of questioning the Democratic chairman’s approach.

“We’re encouraged that both Commissioners Clyburn and Rosenworcel are responding to the millions of emails and thousands of phone calls from people demanding real Net Neutrality. It’s time the agency took the most sensible next step and reclassified Internet service providers as common carriers. That’s the only reasonable way to ensure an open Internet for everyone.”

Get your organization to sign Free Press’s Letter to the FCC and the President: Scrap These Rules

Free Press, organizers of the SavetheInternet.com coalition, have authored the letter below calling for the President and the FCC to reject the new Internet rules proposed by FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler. It has been signed by a long list of organizations so far, from the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, to the United Church of Christ and The Nation, to NTEN, reddit and Howard University. Museums and the Web has added its signature as well.

Will your museum or organization help us preserve fair and equal access to the content that cultural organizations and others like us make available online?

Sign as a representative of your organization (with permission, of course) | Visit the FreePress.net site to take action as an individual

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500The Honorable Tom Wheeler, Chairman
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW
Washington, D.C. 20554

May 7, 2014

Dear President Obama and Chairman Wheeler:

We are writing to express our support for a truly free and open Internet. We strongly urge the Federal Communications Commission to reconsider and abandon efforts to adopt rules that would harm — rather than preserve — Net Neutrality.

The open Internet is a forum for free speech, innovation, civic engagement and the exercise of our basic rights. The Internet achieved this status because it was created on a platform governed by the principle of nondiscrimination.

In 2010, the FCC attempted to incorporate this principle into its open Internet rules. Those rules were thrown out earlier this year, leaving Internet users in limbo while the FCC decided its next move.

Now, instead of restoring this important principle of nondiscrimination, the Commission intends to make things even worse. It would reportedly propose rules that would enable phone and cable Internet service providers (ISPs) to discriminate both technically and financially against fledgling online companies, independent media outlets, nonprofit organizations and anyone else with a website. These policies would create troubling incentives for ISPs to create “artificial scarcity” to extract new sources of revenue. The result will be a two-tiered Internet: A fast lane for those willing or able to pay for it, and a dirt road for the rest of us.

This is discrimination pure and simple. It is the opposite of a free and open Internet.

President Obama, in 2007 you told the world, “I am a strong supporter of Net Neutrality,” rightfully asserting “that one of the best things about the Internet … is that there is this incredible equality there.”

And Chairman Wheeler, last fall you wrote that “[o]ne of the signal achievements of this latest great information revolution — our network revolution — is how the results of its diffused control and increased autonomy produce ‘innovation without permission.’”

We wholeheartedly agree with both statements. Internet service providers should not be in the business of picking winners and losers online. But the proposal the FCC is currently considering gives ISPs the power to do exactly that, which is why it must be abandoned. Instead, the Commission must propose and adopt legally sound rules that keep the Internet an open and nondiscriminatory platform for speech and innovation.

Join these and other signatories (official list to be confirmed):

American Civil Liberties Union
Appalshop, Inc
Center for Media Justice
Centre College
Common Cause
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
CR Consulting
CREDO Mobile
Daily Kos
Defending Dissent Foundation
Demand Progress
Democracy for America
Diversified Media Enterprises
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Engine Advocacy
Fight for the Future
Future of Music Coalition
Hackers & Founders
Howard Media Group, Howard University
Just Foreign Policy
Latino Print Network
Media Alliance
Media Equity Collaborative
Media Literacy Project
Media Matters for America
Media Mobilizing Project
MoveOn.org Political Action
National Alliance for Media Arts + Culture
National Association Of Latino Independent Producers
National Hispanic Media Coalition
Netroots Foundation
New Moon Girls
Occupy Network
Pacific University
Park Center for Independent Media, Ithaca College
Participatory Politics Foundation
PEN American Center
Personal Democracy Media
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
Prometheus Radio Project
Reel Grrls
Savvy System Designs, Inc.
SOA Watch San Francisco
St. Paul Neighborhood Network
Student Net Alliance
Tarakali Education
The Greenlining Institute
The Harry Potter Alliance
The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project)
The Nation
The People’s Press Project
Tin House
Tin House Books
Tin House magazine
Tully Center for Free Speech at Syracuse University
United Church of Christ, OC Inc.
Women In Media & News
Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press
Women’s Media Center
Writers Guild of America, East

Net Neutrality and the Future of Museums Online

We at Museums and the Web are deeply concerned about the impact of the new Internet regulations proposed by FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler. The  new rules would allow ISPs to charge a premium for those (wealthy companies) who can afford to pay to deliver their content better and faster to their online audiences. Needless to say, museums, libraries and archives, not to mention artists, writers, scholars, and everyone else publishing digital content online without the financial backing of global conglomerates like ESPN, Disney, Google, Yahoo, Apple, (fill in the blank) would struggle to compete. It’s not hard to imagine a scenario in which the only way museum content gets seen online is if the museum has done a deal with a major online publisher.

Are you and your museum colleagues concerned? Will you and your museum’s director contact local representatives, the FCC and the press to protest? Can you sign this petition and join the “firewall” to picket the FCC in Washington, DC from May 7-15?

The Association for Computers and the Humanities has written this open letter signed by 33 presidents, chairs, founders, leaders, and editors of 27 major, international digital humanities scholarly organizations and platforms. What can museums do to lend their considerable voice and constituency to the movement? We’d like to hear from you and invite all who want to preserve freedom of speech and equal access to the Internet to get involved TODAY, before the FCC’s vote on May 15.

Here are links to online resources and organizations who are leading the protest. Please add more in the comments on this post!

Going to AAM? So are we!

Museums and the Web 2014 was super fun but after a few weeks we start missing all our MW friends and the conference excitement so we decided to partner with Axiell & AAM to host a MW Experts Pavilion at AAM in Seattle May 18th -21st.  We are still working out the details but if you are going to AAM let us know by signing up to the special list below where we will post interesting goings on before and during AAM.  Not only will we have experts but we might also have a few things that our very special friends on this list will be the first to find out about:)  And dont worry about being on another list as this one will self destruct after AAM.

Sign up for our MW @ AAM mailing list

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Honoring Ed Bachta – Announcing the 2014 Bachta Scholarship Award Winners

It has been fifteen months since the death of Ed Bachta, and we still miss our friend and colleague. Ed was a devoted and productive member of the museum technology community whose quiet gentleness and unwavering decency were balanced by his relentless curiosity and quirky intelligence.

Ed, a developer on the IMA Lab team, loved the Museums and the Web conference, where he was a regular presenter and an avid learner. The conference was a haven for him as it is for many of us, and he was at home amongst a community of peers who embrace the unique interests, varied talents, and disparate temperaments of our membership.

We’ve chosen to memorialize Ed by establishing a scholarship fund in his honor. We’re grateful to everyone who contributed last year: your generosity has made it possible for us to make inaugural awards to two members of the community, one a long-established museum professional, the other a relative newcomer to our cohort. Our awardees, Liz Neely and Paige Hicks, who are profiled briefly below, share qualities of Ed’s that we remember with fondness, and we believe he would be delighted and proud to know that they are carrying on his legacy.

By the way: we decided to postpone our regular Thursday night party and fundraising event this year and to hold it instead in Dallas during the Museum Computer Network conference in November. Keep an eye out for more information about that party and how to contribute to the scholarship fund this year.

Liz Neely

We’re pleased to have been able to make an award to Liz Neely to support her attendance at MW 2014. Liz, Director of Digital Information and Access at the Art Institute of Chicago, worked with Ed on the Getty-funded Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative (OSCI). She shared with Ed a curiosity about science and its application in art museums, and her curiosity led to her pioneering advocacy for the use of emerging technologies such as 3D printing and wearable tech in museums. Liz has recently announced that she will be leaving the Art Institute in June of this year to live in the mountains of New Mexico. We think that Ed, who savored his everyday interactions with nature and the outdoors, would smile to think of Liz running through the New Mexico tundra.

Paige Hicks

Paige Hicks, a newcomer to the field, has been awarded a full scholarship to Museums and the Web 2014. She is an artist whose original media are theater, film, and television. Now a student in the graduate program in interactive media at New Mexico Highlands University, she programmed the Kinect functionality for the memorable digital marionette project developed by Miriam Langer and her team that was demonstrated at MCN 2013 and will be discussing her research into electronic paper labeling systems during the demo sessions at MW. Paige, like Ed, is a developer with a special love of gaming. Our colleagues at Museums and the Web have helped to make this scholarship possible, by contributing a full registration, and we are grateful to them.

Congratulations to Liz and Paige! We’ve invited both of them to help us to select the next class of Bachta Scholarship awardees—keep an eye on this space for an announcement about next year’s award competition.

The Ed Bachta Memorial Scholarship Team

Members of the IMA Lab Team, past and present:

  • Charlie Moad
  • Emily Lytle-Painter
  • Gray Bowman
  • Kris Arnold
  • Kyle Jaebker
  • Matt Gipson
  • Rita Troyer
  • Rob Stein
  • Tiffany Leason

And other friends of Ed:

  • Bruce Wyman
  • Leo Ballate
  • Nancy Proctor
  • Rich Cherry
  • Susan Chun

MW Conference App released

We are excited to announce that we have launched our first conference app for Museums and the Web in partnership with STQRY. To start using the “Museums and the Web” app on your smartphone, go to your phone’s app store and download it for free. “Museums and the Web” is available for iPhone and Android. Enjoy!
Use this app to look up conference events, including last minute changes, using the Program tab, keep up with live updates using the Social tab, and learn about this year’s MWX exhibition featuring work by leading artists using creative technology through the MWX tab.We even built in a few surprises from MWX using some of the latest mobile technology to enhance your experience at this year’s conference, so please download it before you arrive, turn on your Bluetooth and enjoy.And because Nancy and I never settle for just one of anything, stay tuned for more MW related apps from MW2014′s Mobile Bake-off!

Nancy and Rich

MW2014 program co-chairs


Chicago Architecture Foundation – website redesign RFP

Request for Proposals
Responses Due: April 14, 2014

The Chicago Architecture Foundation has just released an RFP to redesign and redevelop our institutional website, architecture.org (what a great domain name!) Our cultural institution has an annual in-person visitor audience of more than 500,000 people annually, and the website receives more than 1 million visits per year. Our mission is to inspire people to discover why design matters, and we do this through adult and youth programs, architectural tours of the city of Chicago, exhibitions, events and a retail shop.

We are looking for RFP respondents, but also for our fellow Museums and the Web colleagues to suggest firms they’ve loved working with or think would be a great fit for us.

Here is the link to the RFP and supporting background documents: https://caf.box.com/s/ysgjco5m7u5rl5uxjbg9

Network and Applications Manager

Hillwood Estate, Museum, and Gardens (www.hillwoodmuseum.org), in northwest Washington, D.C., is the former residence of Marjorie Merriweather Post one of the 20th Century’s most successful business women and philanthropists.  Today, Hillwood’s campus greets more than 70,000 visitors per year to the most comprehensive collection of Russian imperial art outside of Russia, a distinguished 18th-century French decorative art collection, one of Washington’s most important historic homes and twenty-five acres of serene landscaped gardens and natural woodlands for all to enjoy.

Hillwood has brought advanced technology to the forefront of its operations, including incorporation into its overall Strategic Plan.  From public wifi to advanced digital asset management, a new open-source Website/CMS to dedicated social media staff,  to engagement with the Google Cultural Institute.  Hillwood is an excellent home for the technologist with broad interests and inspiration, knowledge and experience, ready to help propel this important cultural institution into its future

The Network and Applications Manager is responsible for assuring that Hillwood’s technology infrastructure, including servers, internal and external telecommunications for video, audio and voice, information storage, applications and their interoperability, and other technology resources are installed, maintained, and backed-up so as to reliably and effectively meet museum staff and public needs. This position requires, in partnership with the IT Manager, to whom it reports,  frequent and proactive engagement with all levels of staff to help ascertain, anticipate, and identify solutions and resources to meet their needs.

Reports to: Information Technology Manager

For complete information and application process see http://www.hillwoodmuseum.org/node/597

People’s Choice voting is now open

Best of the Web: People’s Choice Award

Best of the Web is an annual contest to recognize the best museum work on the web. Sites are nominated by museum professionals from around the world and reviewed by a committee of peers.

Members of the Museums and the Web community, professionals, researchers and students in cultural informatics, may vote for the People’s Choice Award between March 23 and April 2 2014.

The People’s Choice is not intended to be a public popularity contest. Like the other Best of the Web Awards, the People’s Choice is an opportunity for peers – people in our field – to recognise good work. Broad, public campaigns for support are not encouraged. Collegial jostling is expected.

To vote log in to your account at http://mw2014.museumsandtheweb.com. Only registered users can vote for a site, and each user has one vote. If you don’t have an account please feel free to set one up. Accounts created during a campaign to promote a site will not be approved.

To the voting and list of nominated sites: http://mw2014.museumsandtheweb.com/best-of-the-web-nominees/

Quickly learn how to auto-track navigation, tablet gestures and more on your site

MW2014 Workshop – Quick and dirty Google Analytics tricks for testing website 

If you have ever wanted to know exactly what navigation people use, whether they use it on a mobile, if they use images more than text headings or links, or almost anything about how people really use your site, then come find out.

It is easy

You will learn how it is easy to set up and get a idea of the massively useful data options it can offer you. You can tell if tablets users interact differently than desk top and see this sort of thing…

Data showing proportionate use of touch navigation on the V&A Discovery Map for tablet users
Data showing proportionate use of touch navigation when the V&A Discovery Map is used on tablets

See here for detailed background:

Why bother designing for tablet users?

Or see exactly how much each item on your menus is getting used so you can decide if the wording or position are affecting their impact. By coupling with Google Analytics reports and segments, you can see this per page, per device, per country, almost anything.

Data for how people use navigation by wording and menu area on the V&A website
Data for how people use navigation by wording and menu area on the V&A website

See here for detailed background:

How to use Google Analytics Event Tracking to capture navigational behaviour on your website

Register here:

Andrew Lewis
V&A Digital Content Delivery Manager

Vintage computer needed for #MW2014!

The work of Jenny Holzer will feature as part of this year’s MWX exhibition being held as part of the MW2014 conference in Baltimore. Recognized as one of the most influential artists of the postmodern generation, Holzer’s work initially came to prominence in the late 1970s through her series of Truisms. These text-based artworks have sustained her multi-facetted practice over the intervening years, from printed posters in public spaces to large-scale LED media installations; as well as one of the earliest net art projects, Please Change Beliefs (1995-98), presented via äda’web, the pioneering website of online art curated by Benjamin Weil and designed by Vivian Selbo.

To compliment the new iteration of Holzer’s Truisms project for MW2014, we are interested in the prospect of re-presenting Please Change Beliefs at the conference using a vintage system (CPU, OS, browser) circa 1995-98.

We are putting this community call-out to anyone who would like to assist us to realize this bit of “media archaeology”. If you have a system you can donate, please let us know!

Just-in-time registration closes March 19th!

If you missed our conference in Florence Italy in February, its not to late to register for Museums and the Web 2014 in Baltimore Maryland, April 2-5, and join a Deep Dive on Email Archiving in Art Museums. Exhibitors looking to reach museum technologists from around the world are invited to sponsor, advertise, or reserve a space in the exhibit halls at these events.

As the largest international conference devoted to the exploration of art, science, natural and cultural heritage online, Museums and the Web is the place to connect and learn from more than 600 colleagues including leading technologists, educators, curators, librarians, designers, managers, directors, scholars, consultants, programmers, analysts, and developers from museums, galleries, libraries, and science centers. Connect with hundreds of institutions from more than 40 countries that attend every year.

Our in depth program features 160 presenters from 17 countries, giving workshops, paper sessions, panels crit rooms, demos and more.  We are also hosting the 2nd year of MWX (Museums and the Web Exhibition) with a series of sessions and events as well as digital art experiences.

Last years diverse group is listed here:MW2013

All MW2014 Sessions will be held at Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel located at 202 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202 USA. The hotel overlooks downtown Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor and is convenient to great dining, shopping, and museums.
MW2014 has negotiated a special rate for reservations between March 30th and April 6, 2014 for a Single or Double of $199/night.  Make reservations here:  https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_gi_new&groupID=21537718

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Baltimore April 2-5, 2014

Nancy and Rich
MW2014 program co-chairs

Paper posted: Seeing the Forest and the Trees: How Engagement Analytics Can Help Museums Connect to Audiences at Scale

Despite recent advances, museums still have a problem. They know relatively little about their visitors, and their understanding of how best to influence visitor behavior significantly lags common practice in other sectors. Behavioral analysis of visitors to museums typically starts with attendance statistics and frequently involves staff-administered surveys, but is seldom broad or frequent enough to aid in the continuous improvement of museum practice. As a result, the knowledge we have of our visitors is minimal and episodic, and our tools are crude and inefficient.

In 2012, the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) launched an effort to transparently and continuously monitor the long-term engagement of visitors with the museum. Dubbed DMA Friends, the approach emphasizes the repeat participation of visitors with the museum’s collections and programs, offering customized rewards in return for frequent engagement. This scalable and flexible digital platform gives the museum the ability to track individual activity, with nearly fifty thousand unique visitors joining in the first year.

In this paper, the authors provide a detailed analysis of the data gathered to date concerning the adoption and visitor engagement generated by the DMA Friends program. The paper also proposes new methods for the real-time collection and analysis of in-gallery engagement data, and investigates statistical trends and correlations that can be used by museums to enhance the impact of their engagement programming. And while the program has exceeded our initial hopes and expectations, the results from several qualitative surveys and in-depth interviews with members of the DMA Friends program suggest a path for several important improvements.

Read the full paper here.

Time to throw down the oven glove in MW2014’s Mobile Bake-off!

Have you developed a mobile tour authoring platform for museums and cultural organizations?
Would you like to show off its advantages and unique features to hundreds of leading museum technologies and mobile experts?

If so, you’re invited to participate in the MW2014 “Mobile Bake-off.” Using a core of mobile content provided to all participating mobile providers, create a short (5 stop min.) tour of Baltimore’s cultural highlights on your platform and make it available to conference attendees by April 1 for use during the pre-conference tours and throughout MW2014. Then attend the special “Mobile Tasting” session from 10am-12pm on April 4 to demo your tour and the Content Management System and Platform that produced it. Your work will be discussed by a panel of mobile experts with questions and contributions from the audience.

The aim of the “Bake-off” and “Tasting” session is to give museum professionals an opportunity to understand the strengths and affordances of a range of mobile tour authoring platforms available to them, and to enable mobile providers to hear directly from museums about the kinds of experiences and content they want to offer their mobile users.

To join us, simply:

– Register to attend MW2014: http://mw2014.museumsandtheweb.com/registration

– Submit a short description of your intended demo by 28 Feb 2014: http://mw2014.museumsandtheweb.com/submit-proposal

Further details on getting the common demo content and more will then be provided to you directly.

We look forward to mobilizing with you in Baltimore!

Apply Now – Getty Digital Art History Summer Institutes

DAH_Tablet _guy_FB

Harvard metaLAB
Beautiful Data: Telling Stories About Art with Open Collections, June 16 – 27, 2014

George Mason University Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
Digital Humanities for Art Historians, July 7-18, 2014

UCLA Digital Humanities
Beyond the Digitized Slide Library, July 28–August 6, 2014

Participate in the MW2014 Mobile Bake-off!

There is now a significant number of mobile tour app authoring platforms available in the museum field, each one offering a unique approach to tour creation and content presentation, driven by the distinct creative visions and technical solutions of the providers who created them.

In order to help us appreciate what makes each platform special and compelling within the field, MW2014 will host a “Mobile Bake-off”: an opportunity for museum professionals to experience and evaluate a number of mobile app solutions on a level playing field. Each participating mobile app provider will be given access to the same small body of content about cultural sites in Baltimore with which to create a mobile tour demo, and the same amount of time to create a demo app using that content. The content will be a mix of 5-6 stops about local museums and outdoor points of interest, and will include a range of different kinds of media, such as audio, video, text, slideshows, interactives and others. Attendees of MW2014, beginning with the pre-conference tour groups on April 1, will be encouraged to try the demo tour apps. In a special “Mobile Tasting” session on Friday morning, April 4, each demo app will be presented by its creators, and discussed by a panel of mobile experts with questions and contributions from the audience.

In the Mobile Tasting Session, we will not be naming a “winner” of the Mobile Bake-off or otherwise picking favorites. This is meant to be a friendly and colleagial event to showcase a range of mobile solutions available to museums, and to help museum professionals understand the strengths and affordances of each. At the same time, we hope it will be a useful opportunity for mobile providers to hear directly from museums what kinds of experiences and content they want to offer their mobile users. Our aim is to foster greater understanding of the potential for mobile in museums and encourage use of this powerful technology, while helping raise the quality of mobile offerings across the field.

The collection and provisioning of the content is being sponsored by IZI.travel, and managed by Sandy Goldberg with support from Laurie Stepp.

Please let us know if you’d like to participate in the Mobile Bake-off as a mobile tour provider or tester. This is a new initiative for MW, so one we are particularly grateful to have the community’s thoughts and suggestions on how to make it most useful for mobile providers and museums alike.

Best of the Web Nominations Open (Closes March 1st, 2014)

Each year at Museum and the Web we recognize the best digital work by museums . We need you to help us to find it! Suggest a site for consideration by the MW2014 Best of the Web Panel.  Previous winners are listed on Wikipedia.

Here’s how it works:

Rich Cherry
Museums and the Web

#MW2015 Workshop: Tools and tips for publishing collections and exhibits of any size online

MW2015 Workshop Omeka: The Basics & Beyond | April 8th, 9.00am – 12.00pm
Michael Tedeschi, Interactive Mechanics, USA

Omeka has become a popular platform for publishing collections and exhibits of any size. Over the last few years, the platform has grown considerably, releasing several new versions and a plethora of new plugins to help extend the platform. Unfortunately, the community has had a general lack of developer and designer support.

Through this workshop, attendees will learn how to install and use the Omeka platform, as well as how to create custom themes for your project. We’ll also show how to use CSS3 media queries to build responsive Omeka sites that look great on any device (desktop, smartphones, and tablets), and integrate external libraries and frameworks to make our Omeka themes even more robust. By the end of this session, you’ll have a good foundation for the platform and the beginning of your own custom theme.

You should attend if you’re interested in using Omeka at your institution; you’re using Omeka, but want to get better or learn more; you’re a designer or developer that wants to start building for Omeka; or you’re looking to teach about Omeka and want to expand your knowledge.

You’ll learn how to install and get an Omeka site up-and-running; how to navigate the backend, install plugins and themes, and create content; about how a theme is structured and how to create your own; how to make your new theme customizable; and how to add new features into the theme or expand the platform.


Register here for the Museums and the Web 2015  Conference and for the workshop Omeka: The Basics & Beyond 

Nancy Proctor joins the BMA as first Deputy Director for Digital Experience

Internationally known leader on museums and technology will guide BMA’s digital strategy

BALTIMORE (January 24, 2014)—The Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Nancy Proctor as Deputy Director for Digital Experience.  In this new position, Proctor will provide vision and strategic direction for the role of digital media in achieving the BMA’s mission in the galleries and online. She will also lead the integration of digital experiences throughout the museum’s renovation, which is expected to be completed in 2015.

“The BMA is transforming itself into a new kind of museum for the 21st century,” said BMA Director Doreen Bolger. “With Nancy at the helm of an expanded digital experience, we begin our second century ready to engage and inspire the next generation of visitors in both the physical and virtual worlds.”

Proctor will oversee a team responsible for collaborating across the museum to expand access to the world-renowned collection and produce digital content to reinvigorate the experience in the galleries and online, connecting the BMA with a wider audience from Baltimore and beyond. The team will manage the museum’s website www.artbma.org, social media presence, and emerging technologies, as well as information technology infrastructure that optimizes the staff’s work and supports digital initiatives. Proctor will begin at the BMA on March 3.

An internationally known leader of museum technology strategies, Proctor is co-chair of Museums and the Web, the largest international conference dedicated to digital practice in the cultural sphere (coming to Baltimore April 2-5, 2014). She has pioneered the use of technology to expand visitor engagement with museums since 1995, when she co-founded TheGalleryChannel.com, publishing innovative online exhibitions and virtual tours and the United Kingdom’s first CD-ROM of contemporary art, as well as syndicating the most comprehensive global listing of museums and galleries of the day.

Most recently, Proctor has advanced the global digital presence of the Smithsonian Institution as Head of Mobile Strategy & Initiatives. Her accomplishments include developing their mobile strategy and central mobile platform, spearheading their participation in the Google Art Project, working with fundraising teams and board members on the roll-out of public WiFi, and advising on more than 50 mobile projects, including the Access App, the world’s first open source solution for crowdsourcing mobile content to make museums more accessible to people with disabilities and foreign language speakers.As Head of New Media Initiatives at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Proctor worked with cross-disciplinary teams to introduce the museum’s first mobile experiences. Her other prior experience includes leading new product development for Antenna Audio/ Discovery Communications from 2000 to 2008, introducing multimedia and cell phone tours, podcasts, sign language tours, and virtual and downloadable tours in London, Paris, and Washington, D.C.  Proctor also manages theMuseumMobile.info website, wiki, and podcast series; is digital co-editor of Curator: The Museum Journal; and editor of the 2011 American Alliance of Museums publication Mobile Apps for Museums: The AAM Guide to Planning and Strategy.

“The BMA has an inspiring world-class collection, a talented and dedicated staff, and a visionary director, senior management team, and board of trustees—all essential ingredients to playing a leadership role among innovative cultural organizations,” said Proctor. “I am thrilled by this opportunity and look forward to collaborating with Baltimore’s creative community and connecting more audiences with this great museum.”

Proctor has an M.A. and Ph.D. in art history from the University of Leeds in Great Britain, and a B.A. in art history and classics from the University of North Carolina.  She lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with her husband and daughter. Follow her @NancyProctor.


The BMA is currently undergoing an unprecedented $28 million phased renovation to revitalize the visitor experience of the museum and its outstanding collections. The project debuted with the acclaimed reopening of Contemporary Wing in November 2012, and continues with plans to reopen the original Merrick Entrance, a new presentation of the outstanding American art collection, and a dramatically renovated East Wing Lobby and Zamoiski Entrance during the Museum’s 100th anniversary in fall 2014. New galleries for the BMA’s African and Asian art collections and a new learning and creativity center will be completed in 2015.


The Baltimore Museum of Art is home to an internationally renowned collection of 19th-century, modern, and contemporary art. Founded in 1914 with a single painting, the BMA today has 90,000 works of art—including the largest holding of works by Henri Matisse in the world. The BMA has a long tradition of collecting the art of the day, beginning with the Cone sisters, whose avid acquisitions from living artists signaled the Museum’s commitment to collecting contemporary art. Other outstanding collections include European and American fine and decorative arts, prints and drawings from the 15th century to the present, works by established and emerging contemporary artists, and objects from Africa, Asia, the Ancient Americas, and Pacific Islands. Two beautifully landscaped gardens display an array of 20th-century sculpture that is an oasis in the city. The Museum is located in the heart of Charles Village and adjacent to the main campus of The Johns Hopkins University. The BMA’s building encompasses 210,000 square feet and is distinguished by a grand historic building designed in the 1920s by renowned American architect John Russell Pope. Two beautifully landscaped gardens display an array of 20th-century sculpture that is an oasis in the city. Since 2006, the BMA has eliminated general admission fees so that everyone can enjoy the power of art.

MW2014 Regular registration closes soon – register now and get a free workshop

Join us in Baltimore for the 18th Museums and the Web conference: April 2-5, 2014.

As the largest international conference devoted to the exploration of art, science, natural and cultural heritage online, Museums and the Web is the must attend event for more than 600 museum professionals from more than 40 countries.

Join educators, curators, librarians, designers, managers, directors, scholars, consultants, programmers, analysts, and developers from museums, galleries, libraries, science centers, and the professionals, companies, foundations and governments that support them. See the list of institutions that were represented last year at MW2013 for a sense of the diversity of this fun, creative and enthusiastic group.

Regular registration closes January 31st and thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to offer a limited number of free 1/2 day workshop coupons at MW2014 (see terms and conditions below).  Whether its Drupal 7, Game Design, Google Analytics or Goggle AdWords, we have a workshop for you. This discount will not last long!

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We’re looking forward to seeing you in Baltimore April 2-5, 2014

Nancy and Rich
MWA2013 program co-chairs

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Chris Prom to keynote MW Deep Dive on email preservation and access for art museums

We are very excited that Christopher J. (Chris) Prom will be keynoting the Museums and the Web Deep Dive Assessing Tools and Best Practices for Email Preservation and Access in Art Museums which is preceding MW2014.

Chris is Associate Director of University of Illinois Archives and a Professor of Library Administration at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He holds a PhD in history from the University of Illinois and also studied at the University of York (United Kingdom). He is a Fellow of the Society of American Archivists and has received several research fellowships including a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar Award.

He has served the Society of American Archivists in several capacities and is currently Publications Editor for the Society. He maintains the Practical E-Records Blog and an active publication portfolio. His research describes the ways in which archival users seek information relevant to their needs and assesses methods that archivists can use to efficiently meet those needs. He authored a technical watch report for the Digital Preservation Coalition, “Preserving Email,” and is currently researching methods to preserve social media records.

The special session will occur April 1st as part of Museums and the Web 2014 and is chaired by Susan Chun and  Dale Kronkright

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Regular rates for Exhibitors end January 31st, 2014

As the largest international conference devoted to the exploration of art, science, natural and cultural heritage online, Museums and the Web is the place to reach more than 600 educators, curators, librarians, designers, managers, directors, scholars, consultants, programmers, analysts, and developers from museums, galleries, libraries, and science centers. Connect with hundreds of institutions from more than 40 countries that attend every year. Last years diverse group is listed here:MW2013

In addition to our events around the world we have a strong social media presence with more than 34,000 followers on twitter, 11,000 follower on LinkedIn and an extensive email list.

This year we continue to expand starting with MW Florence February 19-21, 2014 in Florence; Italy, MW2014: Museums and the Web 2014, April 2-5, in Baltimore Maryland, USA; a Deep Dive on Email Archiving in Art Museums as well as an event in the fall in Asia. Exhibitors looking to reach museum technologists from around the world are invited to sponsor, advertise, or reserve a space in the exhibit halls at these events.

Most events include exhibitor and advertising opportunities as well. Early bird rates apply for Exhibitors through December 31st, 2013 when you register for Museums and the Web 2014 (Note exhibit spaces are limited and will be provided on a first come, first served basis).

To allow sponsors to take advantage of these diverse events and reach hundreds of interested participants, as well reach our social media audience, we have created anew sponsorship schedule that includes your booth, print and online advertising at multiple events, drink tickets and more

Sponsors and exhibitors may also propose an exhibitor insight session or join a parade.

If you have other ideas about how you want to participate please contact us.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Baltimore April 2-5, 2014

Nancy and Rich
MWA2013 program co-chairs

Free MW2014 workshop coupons – these will not last long

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, Museums and the Web is able to offer a limited number of free 1/2 day workshop coupons at MW2014 (see terms and conditions below). With the fabulous workshops listed below, this discount will not last long!

Register here:http://mw2014.museumsandtheweb.com/registration/

Please apply the following coupon when you check out: 9ea6-4fce-ffba-63d3

Wednesday, April 02, 2014
Morning workshops 9:00am – 12:00pm

Introduction to Drupal 8 Site Building
– Ken Rickard, United States, Larry Garfield, USA

Maximizing Ad Grants, Google’s in-kind advertising program for nonprofits
– Maren Dougherty, USA

Producing a great web video – from a filmmaker’s point of view
– Alexa Schulz, USA

Project management for mobile
– Loic Tallon, USA

Rules of Play: Design Elements of Addictive Online Learning Games
– Dave Schaller, USA

Seb Chan & Brian Alpert’s Web Metrics and Google Analytics for museums, part 1
– Sebastian Chan, USA, Brian Alpert, USA

Web re-design – a practical hands-on toolkit
– Christopher Jaja, Canada, Brian Dawson, Canada

What’s the first rule of Computer Club – talk about Computer Club! 
– Carolyn Royston, UK, Simon Delafond, UK

Afternoon Workshops 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Creating mobile apps for museums, the easy way
– Slavko Milekic, USA

Introduction to Drupal 8 Module Development
– Ken Rickard, United States, Larry Garfield, USA

Quick and dirty Google Analytics tricks for testing website features
– Andrew Lewis, UK

Seb Chan & Brian Alpert’s Web Metrics and Google Analytics for museums, part 2
– Sebastian Chan, USA, Brian Alpert, USA

Sustainability Strategies for Digital Resources
– Nancy Maron, USA, Sarah Pickle, USA

Taking WordPress beyond the blog
– Titus Bicknell, USA

Tools for designing visitor-centered mobile experiences
– Laura Mann, USA, Lindsey Green, UK

Untangling the Web: How Museums Can Enhance Collections Through Web Archiving
– Lori Donovan, USA

Terms and Conditions

  • This coupon code is for a limited number and will be honored on a first come first served basis until it expires when all of the free workshops slots are used.
  • Registration may be on a separate order but you must have a paid registration for the coupon to be valid.
  • The coupon will only be valid on your order if you check out and make payment for any balance.
  • The coupon may not be used in conjunction with a complimentary registration or other discount.
  • The coupon is limited to one per registrant in conjunction with paid registration at the conference.
  • MW is not responsible for technical issues that prevent you from using this coupon before the offer expires.
  • This coupon is not redeemable for cash


Museums and the Web Florence Early Registration Closes Monday Jan 20th!

Early Registration for Museums and the Web Florence Closes Monday January 20th!

Register Here

Museums and the Web Florence is a three-day event conceived by Laura Longo, Stefania Chipa and Ilaria D’Uva
 in collaboration with Museums and the Web. Museums and the Web Florence (MWF2014) is organized by the Musei Civici Fiorentini, in collaboration with the Fondazione per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione dell’Università di Firenze and the PIN Polo Universitario Citt di Prato, with lead sponsorship by D’Uva Workshop.

The theme of the meeting is “Open Museums and Smartcities: Storytelling and Connected Culture.

We are delighted to welcome Cory Doctorow as our honored guest and keynote speaker at Museums and the Web Florence 2014. Author, activist, and co-editor of Boing Boing, Cory has inspired the cultural sector with both his science fiction and his advocacy for open data, Creative Commons, and digital access. Learn more about his prolific work on his blog, Craphound.com

MWF2014 also includes a special pre-conference Mobile Summit on 18 February for mobile providers, developers and experts in the field.

The Program will be posted here.

The language of the conference is English.

Museums and the Web Florence 2014 is open to museum professionals within the public/private sector, and all others who are interested in the topics of our meeting.

See you in Florence!