Deep Dives

“There are too many great sessions, too many great speakers… I need to be in two places at once.”

With hundreds of speakers and up to four simultaneous sessions this is a common refrain at Museums and the Web Conferences.

With this in mind we launched MW Deep Dives, intensive 1-2 day sessions on a single subject confronting our field. Dive deep into important issues, review new initiatives, tools and techniques, get a master class and all the background with leaders in cultural heritage from around the world.

What is a Deep Dive?

A Deep Dive is a one-two day learning and/or problem solving workshop aimed at exploring workable solutions for the problems the cultural field is facing. Attended and led by interdisciplinary cultural and industry experts, each Deep Dive begins with the definition of the problem, review of past work and existing options or lack thereof, brainstorming for possible new solutions, and often ends with the creation of working groups to continue to work on the problem after the meeting. Periodic progress meetings during other MW meetings allow the group to share current advances or communicate current roadblocks.

The Deep Dive process is distinct from other MW meetings as participants are immersed into an intense, cross-functional, research and problem solving experience. More importantly, participants take on the development of the solution for the good of the community.

If you have ideas for future Deep Dives or want to host or help organize one let us know: