Don’t forget to submit your artifacts to the Pop-Up Museum!

We’re just days away from the kick off of Museums and the Web and that means, just a few days from the kick off of the MWXX Pop-up Museum! We’re busily accessioning all of your donationGaming5_samplegames (never fear, there is still time to donate; check out Barry’s post to see how) and preparing for the grand opening of the Pop-up Museum on Thursday at 3:30pm.

At the museum, visitors can view items from past conferences and see how the community has evolved over the years. But the objects only tell us half the story, we need your help to tell the other half of the story. Help us to transform this collection of objects and artifacts into a playful game experience. Every person, regardless of whether this is your first or fifteenth Museums and the Web, has something to add and learn. Don’t miss our wrap up discussion, Saturday at 10:30, where we’ll talk about design, play and games in museums. See you there!