1-Year Grant-Funded Assistant Educator, The Museum of Modern Art (Bloomberg Connects app)

MoMA is hiring a 1-Year Grant-funded Assistant Educator to work on the Interpretation, Research, and Digital Learning team. Over the years, MoMA has built up a robust audio program featuring a diversity of voices, perspectives, and formats. We are excited to expand our audience reach for this content by adopting the Bloomberg Connects app.

The Assistant Educator’s main responsibilities will be to offer project management support and migrate written, audio, video and wayfinding content to the Bloomberg Connects app, as well as to:

* Write introductory text, FAQs and other required contextualizing information to support the user experience.
* Liaise between departments to advance content production, technical development and marketing and promotional needs.
* Provide coordination and administrative support for recording, translating, archiving, and licensing audio content.
* Coordinate the production of any new video content for the app.
* Perform any other duties reasonably related to the functions described above.

The ideal candidate is highly collaborative and possesses the interpersonal, communication and skills to interact easily and professionally with a diverse group of colleagues within the institution and externally. The salary is ~$58K. Full job description responsibilities and requirements here.