Associate Director, Digital Content – Hammer Museum at UCLA

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The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles is hiring an Associate Director, Digital Content.

The Associate Director, Digital Content is charged with overseeing and expanding the museum’s online presence and extending its reach to diverse audiences in compelling and strategic ways; envisioning the future of digital media and technology use for the museum; and impacting the field of museums at large.

The Associate Director sets policy for, develops, oversees, and manages public- facing, educational, and content-driven technologies, as well as creative multimedia initiatives and content across multiple platforms, which include but are not limited to the museum’s website, social media, and mobile experiences. The Associate Director also leads the development and production of content in these areas, including image, audio, and video content.

This is my old position, and I am happy to discuss! Find me @jolifanta on Twitter or n LinkedIn

Click through the link to the fill job posting and salary range on the UCLA Careers website.