Audience Insights Analyst

Join the dynamic team at Minneapolis Institute of Art as we work together to transform into a data-driven organization.

Audience Insight Analyst

Full time, 37.5 hours/week

Pay Rate: $28.81 – $30.27/hour

The Job

Analyze and interpret data to understand and communicate the meanings and implications of that information to multiple internal stakeholders across various functions of the business, with a strong focus on driving quantitative and qualitative business results and delivering actionable insights to support stakeholders.

In this role, you will…

  • Coordinate strategic data acquisition and analysis.
  • Provide general analytical insight and results tracking to understand impact and increase the effectiveness of museum content, programming, and communications.
  • Create and maintain Audience Engagement “dashboard” reports to make the understanding and consumption of audience data easier and more efficient.
  • Explain and disseminate audience data to internal stakeholders, whether through in-person presentations, or online via Mia’s Intranet, etc.

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