Call for the Position of Director Mao Museo d’Arte Orientale

Call for the Director – Mao Museo d’Arte Orientale

Fondazione Torino Musei

is seeking a Director for MAO  Museo d’Arte Orientale

Fondazione Torino Musei has published a call for applications for the position of Director of MAO Museo d’Arte Orientale.  Since 2008, MAO in Turin has been preserving, studying and promoting the artistic and cultural traditions of Asia.

The Museum’s collection focuses on five cultural and geographical areas: South Asia, China, Japan, the Himalayan region, and Islamic countries. The distinctive feature of MAO is its representation of “other” cultures, which are still relatively unknown but increasingly present in the Western world.  As well as caring for and promoting the collection, the new director will have the task of creating a programme of temporary exhibitions and developing a network of contacts that can expand MAO both in Italy and around the world.

As well as more strictly historical and curatorial tasks, the new director will need to confirm the commitment of MAO as a place not only of art but also as one of encounter between cultures, promoting the multidisciplinary approach that has made the Museum an open, comprehensive institution.

•increase of the permanent collection, with the involvement of private collectors;
•planning and execution of a temporary exhibitions programme to increase the
number of visitors, adopting a popular approach while maintaining scientific
•development of MAO’s network of national and international contacts, creating
opportunities for development and cooperation in terms of both exhibitions and
scientific research;
•development of partnerships with other cultural institutions, in Turin, Italy and
abroad, which work in the field of Asian culture, in order to create a network for
Oriental studies;
•fundraising activities; relationships with Asian companies and institutions
operating worldwide;
•improvement of the professional skills and expertise of Museum staff;
•development of partnerships and projects with foreign communities in the local
and national area, by means of intercultural activities;
•actions to strengthen the position of the Museum in the cultural world.

Personal characteristics
•high-level skills in the history of art, archaeology, Asian languages, economics, and in
the management of cultural assets;
•multi-year experience in management, in positions of responsibility at leading public
and private institutions (ideally museums), with significant experience in scientific
coordination and curatorship;
•experience in planning and putting on temporary exhibitions;
•skills in organising public or private businesses, including human resources , allocated
financial resources and their accounting instruments, together with budgets and final
•ability to illustrate the Museum collection and eastern art and culture to both a local
and an international public through temporary exhibitions, publications and other
•team management and motivation skills;
•fundraising and crowd-funding skills and ability to secure sponsorships and
partnerships with private partners and third parties, both for temporary exhibitions
and to promote the permanent collection;
•ability to interact with the various foreign communities in the area;
•Fluent Italian and English.

Applications must be received by 19 December 2014 at 12 noon. They will be examined by a highly qualified committee with recognised expertise in the field of museum management.

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complete call for applications HERE