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Santa Clarita, CA 91355-1758

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Job code: FTVA06

*** This position is open to all students (UC and Non-UC, undergraduate and graduate). This paid internship is for up to 100 hours only.***

The Collections Intern will assist with a variety of film-related projects within Collections. They will be sorting, identifying, inspecting, and assessing collection(s) which may include 8mm, 16mm or 35mm film and/or multiple video elements. The Collections Intern will be instructed in the basics of film handling and repair, including film preparation, condition checks, and winding. The Collections Intern will gain and increase their knowledge of understandings of analog film formats as well as established procedures dealing with eccentric film elements that deviate from the norm. Job duties will change from assignment to assignment depending on the ability, skill set, and acumen of the individual.

Project tasks will include properly preparing films for long-term storage by physically handling and wind film elements onto archival cores and rehoused into archival film cans. During this process, they will obtain and document information into the Archive’s FileMaker Pro asset management database utilizing established archival standards and best practices in the field of moving image archiving. Data found will be used to facilitate formal MARC cataloging and eventual online public access to collections information. Other duties may include assisting with vault organization and logistical planning.