Control Room Operator Full-time, Amon Carter Museum of American

This is a midnight to eight am position.

The Control Room Operator monitors the museum Security Control Room and serves as the main communication link with the museum security personnel and with external emergency response units. The Control Room Operator helps to insure a safe, secure environment for the museum’s collections, its members, visitors, volunteers, and staff. The Security Control Room operates 24/7. This is an essential staff position.


Report to work punctually, prepared for each scheduled shift.
Monitor the museum security access, CCTV surveillance, life safety systems, and building management systems during each shift. Remain alert and watchful for acts of vandalism, theft or negligence, and ensure the safety of visitors. Enforce compliance of security and emergency procedures using good judgment; treat visitors and staff with courtesy and respect while upholding museum policies.
Perform the functions necessary to operate the Control Room including monitoring the CCTV system, the museum building fire and sprinkler system, radio and televised weather alerts, security Gallery Attendant radio traffic, and mechanical and security system alarms. Dispatch personnel as necessary and coordinate responses by interacting with service vendors and emergency service personnel. Control evacuation when necessary, handle related security alarms, and fire suppression alarm situations. Conduct incident follow-up evaluations to review and improve on ways to address difficult situations according to Museum policy.
Immediately report all suspicious situations and/or persons, accidents, injuries, and/or hazardous conditions to the Security Director and/or Security Supervisor(s). Complete accurate written reports on fire and safety hazards, theft, and other incidents for the security department to address.
Accurately complete the Control Room logs and records each shift; verify by signature.
Monitor and administer radio communications equipment for the Security department, including all radio communications with Gallery Attendants.
Respond appropriately to museum and outside law enforcement or fire/disaster officials as necessary.
Monitor the building for water leaks, sub-basement flooding, physical problems and safety hazards; report according to departmental procedures.
Maintain confidentiality.
Other duties as requested.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Skills and Requirements

Willing to take physical exam and successfully complete drug, alcohol, and background screens prior to employment.
Maintain appropriate physical conditioning to complete assigned Life Safety duties. Lift and carry two twenty-five pound fire extinguishers up four flights of stairs, and then operate one correctly.
Good physical stamina; able to stand or patrol for twelve hours with periodic breaks.
20/20 vision or vision corrected.
Hear normal conversation; prosthetic acceptable.
Climb steep stairs and ladders.
Neat, clean, professional appearance.

Key Characteristics/Traits

Must be able to understand and follow chain of command.
Ability to transmit clear messages via radio, intercom, and telephone.


High school graduate or equivalent.
Minimum of two years security experience; knowledge and experience in operating CCTV, access control and/or building management computer systems required.
Strong communication skills and ability to interact effectively with a wide range of museum members, visitors, volunteers, and staff. Proven customer service skills a must.
Current DPS Level 3 Security Commission or Law Enforcement experience is preferred. If not current, the new Control Room Operator must be able to achieve and maintain a Level 3 Security Commission thru Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau. Training will be provided by Amon Carter Museum of American Art security supervisors. This commission must be achieved within two months.
Must be able to read, write, and understand written and spoken English in order to maintain safety and security within the museum.
Experience with electronic fire and monitoring systems preferred.
Proficient with computers, including MS Office software. Responsible able to take initiative, exercise good judgment, and follow instructions.

Other Job Requirements

No felony or criminal arrest and/or conviction involving moral turpitude for which a full pardon has not been granted.
Must be available to work any shift necessary to support the security departments needs (normal shift is 8 hrs.). Must respond to all requests to cover for sickness or absence for all shifts (if unable to cover, a valid excuse will be provided).

Note: The required uniform and accessories are provided.

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Listing end date:06/28/2022