Creative Director

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
Job Title: Creative Director
Department: Marketing
Status: Full Time    

The Museum of Science and Industry is entering an intense period of evolution. Museum-wide, we are looking critically at our existing position and processes to evaluate the present and plan for the future. As part of this process, the Marketing division at MSI is in the midst of significant change as well. We are shifting from a division that’s historically been focused on awareness and promotions to one that seeks to create authentic engagement across the Museum experience, all with an eye on increasing paid attendance.

The role of Creative Director is new to MSI. While we have historically relied on outside agency partners to lead the development of campaigns and programs, we are increasingly taking ownership of our overarching story, with creative and strategic leadership coming from within the division. The Creative Director role was created to strengthen our marketing capabilities and to help foster a creative culture that is focused on purposeful, sustained storytelling that connects with and attracts new audiences to the Museum. He/she will join an inspired, experienced team that has developed expertise in many areas but remains curious about new strategies and new communication platforms. As we become increasingly collaborative and projects are no longer “owned” by just one team member, the Creative Director will play a role in managing the team’s time and communicating priorities to reporting staff, colleagues within our division and across the Museum as a whole. Moreover, as we change our model of working, the Creative Director will be integral in communicating the value of a more comprehensive approach that allows creative teams to be seen as universal idea generators rather than individual producers focused solely on one area of expertise. The Creative Director will collaborate across different functions within the Marketing division, and across different divisions within the Museum as a whole.

For 2016, we are focused on several key areas: increasing our focus on research and insights; building a team and processes to create more original content; explore new ways to use digital tools as enhancements to the overall Museum experience; and to develop strategies, capabilities, and workflows that support personalized communication with our prospective guests, existing guests, members, and external communities. Our goal is to use these tools to develop robust, inclusive stories that build competitive differentiation and help distinguish MSI within Chicago’s cultural landscape. At the same time, we will scrutinize all of the small moments and interactions that, taken as a whole, comprise the MSI experience for our guests. The Creative Director will be given freedom and responsibility to work across all of these activities to reinvent our existing communication and – where needed – create entirely new ways to connect with our audiences. We believe that by applying creative energy and innovation, we can make a tremendous impact on MSI’s brand and bottom line.

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • As one of four directors within the Marketing division, collaborate with cross-functional teams to explore and enhance every aspect of MSI’s communications and identify new ways to inject the brand essence in every moment of connection with our guests and members
  • Develop robust creative strategies that inform all of our marketing output – paid advertising, digital experiences, social programs, public and media relations, partnerships, original content, and more
  • Create enterprise-level stories that articulate MSI’s unique position and brand promise
  • Understand the needs and behavior of guests and seek out ways to improve their experience within MSI and beyond
  • Lead a diverse, talented team of designers, photographers, and videographers seeking the chance to work and grow in an increasingly innovative environment
  • Collaborate with and/or manage/direct outside agencies and creative partners
  • Participate in consumer research and develop creative ideas that are grounded in insights and data
  • In partnership with division teams and the CMO, articulate and share a powerful creative vision for the future of MSI as a way to inspire our communications and sharpen our guests’ experiences with us
  • Set and communicate strategic priorities for creative output to team members based on larger institutional goals.
  • Develop and maintain comprehensive project timelines for multiple ongoing projects that equally encourage creative exploration and production efficiency



  • 7+ years of experience in highly creative marketing roles, with at least 3 years in a leadership role
  • Experience building and nurturing creative teams that include a diverse range of roles
  • Strong conceptual thinker with a strong ability to simply and powerfully communicate ideas through writing and/or visuals
  • Comfortable working across multiple disciplines within the marketing division and across the Museum
  • Proven ability to work with senior leadership (C-level, board of trustees) to pitch ideas and build consensus
  • Experience communicating the value of creative problem solving methods, design processes, and storytelling models to a wide range of audiences to encourage the best utilization of creative teams across all levels of project planning
  • Experience working with brands from categories related to MSI is a bonus (CPG, destinations/attractions, tourism and hospitality, retail, etc)

The Museum of Science and Industry is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer, which includes providing equal opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

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