Data Integration Developer

How You Will Contribute

The primary goal of the Art Information Commons (AIC) initiative is to improve the productivity, quality, and integration of art-related data at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Currently, this information is spread across our various systems and platforms: collections management system, content management system, library catalog, archives platform, forthcoming digital asset management system, and others. As a member of the AIC project team, the Data Integration Developer will actively engage with content creators and data system managers to help identify data sources, evaluate data systems, test, and create pilot projects to support the initiative. This work will lead to improvements for both discrete systems as well as enterprise-level information architecture.

The position will report jointly to the Arcadia Director of Library and Archives (Principle Investigator of the AIC initiative) and the John H. McFadden and Lisa D. Kabnik Director of Information and Interpretive Technologies. Goals will be regularly communicated between the developer and Directors to ensure the success of the initiative and all those involved in the work. Tasks and priorities will be based on the needs of the initiative as identified by task analysis and alignment with institutional priorities.

Specifically, you will…

  • Support the design, development, and implementation of solutions to integrate data across systems
  • Evaluate, develop and test pipelines, scripts, and programs that combine data in unified views. For example, extract and prepare sample data from existing systems to support testing and prototyping.
  • Work to enhance existing database API’s, develop additional API’s and explore other processes for extraction and presentation of data.
  • Work with the Taxonomist and Information Architecture Consultant to review content that may not yet be formally managed in a reusable way
  • Document and help with implementation of scalable data integration environments.
  • Work with database administrators, developers, systems owners and content stakeholders to create data-oriented technical requirements for future features and applications
  • Identify mechanisms to integrate with external data sources (Getty Vocabularies, LoC Authorities, Wikidata, etc.)
  • Collaborate with Information Architecture Consultant, Taxonomist, contract and IIT developers to test and experiment with open source and commercial tools and prototypes that can facilitate data integration and access.
  • Work with Taxonomist to evaluate software tools for data management and analysis and search, along with tools for creating, delivering, and managing taxonomies for those activities.

Your diverse background includes…

  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience with SQL and Python for the purposes of extracting data out of legacy applications
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with a focus on active listening and rapport-building
  • Ability to listen for constraints and opportunities with a technical ear
  • Willingness to develop (or already have) a general understanding of museum and library databases, classifications, controlled vocabulary services, systems, and linked (open usable) data or graph data

Ideally your experience will also include…

  • Experience with open source search applications/services (Lucene, Solr, ElasticSearch)
  • Knowledge of image delivery capabilities, in particular the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF)
  • Familiarity with SPARQL, converting and using JSON-LD/RDF linked data

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