Digital Strategy Consultant The Wolfsonian–FIU

Digital Strategy Development

The Wolfsonian–FIU – – is seeking a consultant or consultancy organization to undertake a process of:

• discovery and assessment of the Wolfsonian digital capacity and resources, including infrastructure, digital assets, and technical literacy;
• discovery and assessment of use of digital technology for engagement with primary audiences, including families, K–12 students, the university academic community (students, faculty, and researchers), design professionals and enthusiasts, and life-long learners of all kinds;
• recommendations for professional development to enhance and grow the digital literacy of staff;
• development and adoption of vision, strategy, and action plan (detailing resource allocation and timing of projects)—informed by the discovery and assessment described above—to guide the virtual and physical manifestations of digital technology at The Wolfsonian;

The resulting digital vision, strategic goals, and action plan will be informed by the institutional priority of increasing the visibility and accessibility of The Wolfsonian for its primary audiences, leaning into its role as a resource for K-12 and higher education learners, while continuing to engage the broader community of life-long learners. The action plan developed from the digital strategy will include objectives linked to the strategic goals, clearly defined outcomes, evaluative measures that define success, and capacity for iterative development and revision.

We have developed a budget expectation for the scope of work outlined of between $50,000 to $74,999.

The Wolfsonian FIU’s Digital Assets and Collection Data Manager, and its Curator of Digital Collections, will act as primary liaisons and project managers for the digital strategy development.

Estimated completion date is March 2021.

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